GTA 4 Mysteries GTA 4 Mysteries HEART OF THE CITY Inside the statue of Happiness, if you are able to make the jump onto the platform to reach the interior, you will find a large heart beating, it is not sure why this is hear but shooting at the heart will do nothing... 197015649 OLD SPRUNK FACTORY This abandoned building is home to strange goings-on, people have reported seeing shadows and hearing voices although if you fire your gun, you will hear the voice of the Bouncer at the near-by strip club 197015661 COLONY ISLAND HOSPITAL A well know location for myths in GTA 4, strange noises can be heard through the halls of the shell of this once smallpox hospital 197015756 HOSPITAL FIGURE A picture which came through which shows an eerie show down the corridor inside the hosiptal, it is a convincing image, is it real or photoshopped? 197015757 ABANDONED CASINO A place home to many strange events, inside, creaking, voices and even shadows have been reported, is this just the hobos who take shelter in the area of is there really something supernatural? 197015758