GTA 5 Mysteries GTA 5 Mysteries ALIEN This Alien can be found frozen under a lake beside the road in the first mission after the heist at the bank in North Yankton. 196944349 MT GORDO GHOST One of the creepiest myths in all GTA history to be proven real, this ghost appears on Mt. Gordo between 00:00 - 2:00 leaving the message "Jock" which in fact means Jack Cranely who's wifes ghost just appeared. 196944350 BIGFOOT SIGHTING Could this be proof that bigfoot exists in san andreas after all? Search the woods and find out more and you might just find out... 196944351 UFO CRASH SITE Under the ocean north or Mount Chiliad, located east of a few islands you can find a UFO, evidence that aliens also exist in san andreas after all. you will need a submarine to reach the depths of which it lies 196944352 MT CHILIAD MURAL On top of Mt chiliad a mural can be found on the wall which my aswell prove the existence of aliens in san andreas 196944353 MT CHILIAD UFO There were myths in GTA San Andreas about UFO's, now rockstar have actually added UFO's to GTA which can be seen flying around Mt. Chiliad and Fort Zancudo upon 100% completion of the game. 197016189 SERIAL KILLER Could this be a hint of the serial killer which has been encountered before in san andreas? The turth is that there is another serial killer in San andreas this time which goes by the name of "The Infinity Killer", follows these clues and you may just find him... 196944354 SERIAL KILLER 2 More clues which can be found around the san andreas map 196944355