GTA 5 GTA 5 GTA 5 173025799 VINEWOOD SIGN The Vinewood sign as seen in GTA San andreas. Looking allitle more life-like now. 148032621 WIND-TURBINE Looks like rockstars gone green, GTA 5 will see renewable energy? 148032622 DOCKS Possibly Los santos docks 148032623 OIL PUMP An oil pump in the foreground, in the background is a panoramic view of Los santos and is the bottom left could possibly be Los santos freeway. 148032624 WORKERS Could GTA 5 see more farming? 148032625 PLANE A briliant view of Los santos with the sunset in the background 148033016 JETSKI Will jetski's be available again? Great fun riding those things in San Andreas. The bridge in the background closly resembles that of the Vincent Thomas bridge in Los angels Docks. 148033181 UNDER THE FREEWAY GTA 5 will feature homeless people... This place looks like it could be very mysterious at night? 148033729 MOUNTAINS Looking like a great place for exploring and mystery hunting! Sure some strange creature lives in those mountains, Bigfoot maybe? comment on what you think! 148034094 BLE CONVERTABLE A nice looking blue convertable drives past, great car. 148034226 BLUE CONVERTABLE 2 Another shot of that nice convertable again looking from the front, another great screenshot. 148034365 RED CONVERTABLE A red convertable that closly resembles a porshe, looks good:D 148034328 BIGFOOT IN GTA 5? A figure that looks like bigfoot can be seen on the crest of LSPD. Could this be a reference to bigfoot in GTA 5? I hope so. 148061280 LSPD CAR Notice the Reg plate says San andreas? This could mean the whole of San andreas could be coming back. 148061538 FAMILY AND DOG A family and a dog are visible in this screenshot, could Animals be introduced into GTA? 148034592 HYDRA? Could this jet be a hydra? 148061603 WHO IS THAT? 148034627 BRIDGE A view of what GTA 5 has in store for us! 173025409 CANYON Who is up for an adventure? 173025410 VINEWOOD SIGN The famous landmark we saw in San andreas returns! 173025411