GTA SA mysteries GTA SA mysteries THE SERIAL KILLER Can be found around fort carson and bone county area 115524038 UFO MAP? This map is thought to show the locations of UFO sightings in san andreas. 147250863 GHOST TOWN FIGURE The source of this photo cliams it is a real snapshot, what do you think? Is this figure real or just a mod? 147257777 LAS BRUJAS also know as the ghost town, home to the 'ghost town figure' 147260465 SHADY CABIN Located in shady creek, a possible bigfoot location? 147260739 BODY BAGS The body bags in bone county, could these be dumped here by the serial killer or even aliens? 147260743 UFO? I took this pic in the ghost town (las brujas). 147314890 SERIAL KILLER 2 147315859 GHOST TOWN 2 Las brujas chapel, behind the church is the graveyard which the ghost town figure is meant to appear, i did not see anything out of the normal here. 147473051 GHOST TOWN CEMETERY I took a closer pic of where the ghost town figure appears, it apparently appears in the cemetery and runs out of the archway in this picture and disappears around where the picture is took. 147474020 149216163 BIGFOOT? Image from my Bigfoot investigation, could this be bigfoot? or just a tree? 147912895 THE BIG EAR I took this picture at night so i could capture a possible UFO 147626574 THE SERIAL KILLER Photo taken in fort Carson 174439121 BIG FOOT ON THE MAP Back o beyond in flint county is oddly shapped like a giant foot, this is very likely to be a reference to bigfoot. 147541491 RED FOG While travelling through flint county i noticed that red fog was appearing, I took this pic of red fog in shady creeks 147628570 RED FOG Red fog in Back o beyond 147628571 GHOST TOWN FIGURE 174915732 SHADY CABIN A mysterious cabin stands alone in shady creeks, people say its a hotspot for Bigfoot 147912897 SERIAL KILLER AT THE BIG EAR I spotted the Serial killer up at the big ear 174439120