GTA 3 Mysteries GTA 3 Mysteries THE OBSERVATORY The observatory is not accessable because it is blocked by an invisble wall, Even if you was to get to it, you would fall through because its not solid 114423994 DARKEL A mysterious person on GTA 3, watch Case 9 for more 114423995 GHOST TOWN On reachable by plane or a bridge mod, if you want more watch GTA mystery hunters. 114423996 DARKEL Another picture of him 114423997 GHOST TOWN Another picture of the ghost town, i investigated into this mystery, look for it on youtube 147440207 ELVIS ZOMBIE Newspapers are scattered about liberty city (and vice city) saying that Eliz has be found 147440536 BLOODY CELL Blood stains on the wall similar to those in apartment 3c in vice city. 149209703 MOLOTOV HOBOS These hobos can be found in portland tunnel under St marks. They each carry molotov cocktails. They have been linked to Darkel 149210386 SECRET SIGN Can be found in staunton island. Watch video I made on this to find location. 149210730